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St Jean Memorial


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st Jean Memorial - Christianity's sacred space

Built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian the Great St. Jean (St. John) Church is one of the biggest structures. Six domed church in the center, bottom, Hz. And crucifixion of Jesus from his favorite disciples shortly before he handed his mother St. Jean's tomb is located. St. Jean, after Christ's crucifixion Mary's finding objectionable to remain in Jerusalem, was reportedly kidnapped and brought here from there.

Hz. Mary lived in this place up to 101 years and died here Bulbul Mountain; St. Jean Virgin Mary from him again on this mountain is thought that no one else knew somewhere buried. After the spread of Christianity to the place where Christians believe Mary's church, built in the form of a cross and a holy place of Christianity was proclaimed in 1967 by the papal household. Here, during the first Sunday following the 15th of August and from the liturgy become pilgrims. North of the building is a treasure room, and baptistery.

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